CRM2013: Enabling SSL without HTTPs for Data Encryption

Had an issue with a clients system today in which we had upgraded to CRM 2013 system and now it was requiring data encryption to be enabled to run the workflows. Being a development system, there was no interest in making the system work over https. However the data Encryption page will not open unless it is being run over https! There is a simple work around. Go to the MSCRM_CONFIG database of the server in question and set the BitColumn for “DisableSSLCheckForEncryption” to 1 in the DeploymentProperties table. UPDATE DeploymentProperties SET BitColumn = 1 WHERE ColumnName = ‘DisableSSLCheckForEncryption’ This will remove the requirement for the Data Encryption window and it should … [Read more…]

CRMJS: Error when using Filtered Lookups (Records Containing “&” )

When ever passing values to the Optional Parameters to a Lookup Dialogue, Make sure you encode the value you pass through. If a value contains a “&” then the URL using the value will be cut short ( therefore causing a error on the lookup loading) you need to use the builtin Javascript function (encodeURIComponent) Example var value = encodeURIComponent(“Acme & Co”); will return the correctly encoded value Acme & co , which will pass through any URL string correctly. Enjoy Jonathan

CRM2013: Insufficient Permissions when opening record after upgrade

Was helping out a client today with a issue that stopped a certain set of users accessing account records. When they opened up an account record they got the annoying “Insufficent Permissions” error. After looking at the users security role i noticed that none of the new features have been updated for their security role and the users all required to be able “at least” to read the process configuration.   This made sense as the form would try to access the config to decide whether it was going to display one of its new feature.. the process flows.. Adding this and asking the users to log back in resulted … [Read more…]